Our practitioner connects their energy with yours and sends a flow of energy to clear any blockages and help with your highest good in mind, body, and soul.


Feel better with a massage We offer a variety including:

  • Relaxation
  • Therapeutic
  • CranioSacral
  • &More

Intuitive & Tarot Readings

The goal is for the reader to provide clarity on an confusing/disrupting energy that is present within one's field using a traditional Tarot deck and supporting Oracle decks.

Henna Body Art

This plant based paste is freehand applied by our local artist. You can preselect a design or have a custom design improvised for you.

All henna is mixed locally and regularly by Catch My Eye Henna so that it's natural and safe for you!

Herbs, oils, stones, candles & more

Stop by and find tools for intention work, cleansing, and other ways of supporting you on your path.

Ready to spend time at the shop?

We love the people we connect with and stories we learn within these walls. We welcome you to join us. Relax while you're at it. We make it easy!