Our Philosophy

You came in with a path and a mission. We are here to help you come back within and get back to fighting for your mission.

You will be your strongest healer, but we are here to guide and give you the best tools to assist your healing path.

Our Story

A mother and daughter felt the call to open up a wellness center in one of the most magickal locations they found, Hot Springs, Arkansas.

They needed to heal, discover what they held within, find their tribe, and help others as they went through the very same things.

With every new day comes new lessons and growth. It's worth it.

Our Lightworkers

These three energies combine with each other as well as collaborate with others. Everyday we have a goal to raise the frequency and follow the path that is for ours and other's highest good.

Denise Cullum

Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Assisted Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium, Clairandient, Clarvoyant.

Compassionate Light Worker with life long experience. Denise's purpose is to help other intergrate their Mind/Body/Spirit Trilogy so they may have success in going within themselves. The goal is to recognize their abilities to find answers, peace, balance and healing.

Miki Rose

Owner, Tarot reader, Clarvoyant

Miki's specialties lie within her ability to communicate with others through tarot readings, moon gatherings and cosmic writings. She has always been drawn to astrological studies which includes the zodiac.

Due to her being an Aquarius/Pisces cusp, she is an unconventional thinker and unconditional lover who consciously balances logic and intuitive feelings through her everyday life and teachings. Miki is here to assist folks recognize their inner truth and power within through various healing methods.

Karina Jo Martinez

Artist, Henna artist, Tarot Reader, Reiki practitioner.

Since completing her degree at The University of Central Arkansas her time has been devoted to her own, as well as the collective soul's highest good. This crystal child and artist creates mandalas that help her connect spiritually and allow others to experience the magick on their own. She seeks new information daily as she interacts with people, the earth, and universe so that she is prepared when it is time to give back. She is in her power, and ready to help others to be in theirs.

Next Steps...

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