Local Art

Mandalas by Catch My Eye artist, Karina Jo connect with different energies and are loaded with the intention to download love, light, and our divine power into us.

Feel free to spend some time wandering in the gallery. We even have local spring water for you to enjoy while you look!

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Service Menu

Take time to check out our services and their prices. For any questions or to set up an appointment call Metaphysical Connection at (501)617-9865.

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Herbs, Oils, Stones, Candles, Books & More!

We work to have an abundance of resources in aiding your metaphysical journey.

It's a joy to see all the treasures and tools this shop has collected, come see if something calls to you!

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Let's get back to our mission.

Here at Metaphysical Connection we have followed some lesson filled paths to get where we are, but it was worth it. We have learned these lessons to grow and heal. That isn't always as easy as it sounds, and sometimes we have needed support.

Sometimes a little support and push back to ourselves and our inner strength is what helps us to see the other side of what seemed like a difficult situation or decision.

We're here as a resource for you when you are on a healing journey. You are here for a mission, let's clear the blockages and release what doesn't serve your highest good so you can get back to it.


I want to vibe with that energy...

We would too... That's why we do, every day! (Except Tuesday and Wednesday.) Call to set up an appointment or stop by the shop and say hello!